Friday, July 10, 2009

"Regency" - an exhibition of clothes, prints and books from the days of Jane Austen

This special exhibition will run from 15-18 April 2010, as part of the Jane Austen Festival of Australia.

  1. Black silk spencer, c.1810
  2. Short cream mitts c. 1810
  3. Man's linen shirt, c.1800
  4. Roller-printed floral cotton bodice top (skirt missing), c.1820
  5. Cotton bib-front daydress, c.1810
  6. Silk bib-front daydress, c.1810
  7. White muslin daydress, c.1820
  8. Infant's nightgown, c.1820
  9. Silk Ballgown with Pelerine, c.1830
  10. Men's hand embroidered polychrome floral waistcoat, c.1780
  11. Lady's leather dance slippers, c. 1830
  12. Embroidered silk organza shawl, whitework, extremely fine and sheer, c. 1800
  13. Blue chambray cotton girls round gown with ornate sleeves, c.1820
  14. Corded stays (regency corset) c. 1830
The exhibition will run all festival, with costume researchers encouraged to book a time for up-close costume inspection for Monday 19 or Tuesday 20 April 2010.

We welcome loans of mannequins, dummies and display cases for the staging of this exhibition. Please phone Aylwen on 0409 817 623 if you can be of assistance.

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